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We are all different  – therefore the support we offer to our clients, varies and counselling techniques are tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

Because of this, there are also a number of ways you can access counselling. Depending on lifestyles and abilities, while some people will prefer face-to-face sessions, others may be short on time, so telephone counselling may be preferred. We are delighted to now offer video counselling – whereby sessions can be scheduled remotely, allowing for further flexibility and ensure you’re comfortable in your own surroundings. 

Adult Counselling

Counselling services are available to all adults who may be experiencing a wide range of difficulties from Anxiety & Depression, Bereavement, Marital troubles, stress management, relationship issues to self harm and eating disorders. 

 Life’s events can be so unpredictable, and coping with stressors of everyday life can be overwhelming which is why we work with our clients on self coping mechanisms and ways to manage emotions. 

Child and Family Classes

Family counselling is flexible because every family is unique. The goal is to help families build stronger relationships, but this will mean different things to different families, as we all have unique challenges. Ultimately, the aim is for families to enjoy being together and to face life’s challenges as a team.

Adolescent Counselling

Adolescent counselling is a specific area of therapy that is offered to support teenagers and young people with anxiety, stress, depression, family bereavements or parental divorce. 

Adult Clinical Supervision


Education & Schools

Planting Seeds Therapy works to provide tailored programmes and unique training within the education sector, hosting an array of options to ensure that schools are equipped to support children from all walks of life, who may need additional support and coping mechanisms to ensure their education isn’t affected by external factors out of their control.

Mindfulness Course

This course helps children to learn new ways of thinking, the children do not only learn to deal with things that life throws at them differently, it helps them manage stress levels and go on to happier, healthier lives. 

The course is delivered over 16 x lessons and is delivered in a fun and relaxed atmosphere with a wealth of games and meditations. 

The course encompasses: Intention, Attention, Attitude, Gratitude, Resilience, Kindness to Self, Kindness to Others and Purpose.  

One to One Training

This service is great for any teachers that feel they would like become further trained in specific areas, surrounding issues perhaps encountered within schools or have a desire to understand more about coping mechanisms and guidance available to further support children with specific counselling needs. 

Teacher Training

Teacher training sessions support both the child (children) as well as the staff within schools, ensuring that the success of the child is not affected from external factors that arise within children’s day to day lives. Within the training, we work to update policies and behavioural procedures to help teachers implement behaviour and rewards systems.

Clinical Supervision

This is ideal support for schools or practices, looking to adopt counselling services – whether beginners or want to add to existing counselling services, this is a great opportunity for third party practitioners to identify blind spots, explore dilemmas or adapt new techniques within your existing services. 

Therapy Packages Available

At Planting Seeds Therapy, we understand that not every solution fits all and we take great pride in working with your clients, on bespoke and tailored packages to help with health & well being, coping mechanisms and self belief.

Relationship Recovery

This package comprises of 6 x sessions, working on grounding yourself and managing negative thoughts that arise with anxiety. Finding the root cause of the anxiety, or burn out, low self esteem etc. Using techniques from DBT and CBT and learning unique ways to tackle your anxiety and learn to manage it.

Managing Addiction/ Self Harm

This package comprises of 6 x sessions, focusing on exploring in depth ways to tackle your addiction, validation of your feelings and learning to trust yourself again and use your full potential in your life through goal setting and encouragement.

Parenting Therapy

This packages comprises of 3 x sessions, focusing on how to manage challenging behaviour in your child. These sessions, help advise how to best support your child if they are struggling with mental health issues. Perhaps your child won’t go to therapy and you need a space to offload.


Increase Self Esteem & Confidence

This package comprises of 6 x sessions and is ideal for people who have suffered negative experiences in their lives and have lost confidence in themselves as a result of this. This is for people who want to learn about who you are, on a journey of self discovery allowing you to reach your full potential.  This can also be added onto any of the above as a follow on to your journey in therapy.


Reiki can provide relief from everyday stresses, aches and pains, releasing negative energy blockages in the bodies natural flow.  Untreated, these can manifest as Depression, Anxiety, Panic, Worry, Anger, Frustration and muscular tension. 

Relationship Cure

Reiki is a very effective tool to assist you in creating and nurturing successful relationships in your life. Every relationship is a living creation, a life form created by blending the energies between people, that is why Reiki is an effective tool that can also cure your relationships.

Muscle Aches & Pains

Reiki works to help decrease pain perception by healing the emotional aspect of pain. Reiki works to resolve emotional distress by allowing healing energy to flow freely throughout the body, which results in relaxation and reduced pain and tension throughout the body.

Baby Reiki

Reiki can help babies sleep longer, more restfully and help to soothe colic and teething pain. Reiki works to comfort babies to reduce crying in a way that relaxes the household and calms distraught parents. Simply watching a baby relax under the touch of Reiki can soothe the entire family. Babies are extraordinarily perceptive of parental stress and respond positively when they see their parents relax.

Reiki Massage

Both Reiki and massage are systems of natural healing that focus on body energy, and today Reiki massage is a common and effective treatment.

The  healing art of Reiki  works to increase and free the unbalanced energy flow in the body, whereas massage is more vigorous and manipulates the muscles. 

This is great treatment for anyone looking to heal and relax.

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