Individual Counselling

Counselling services are available to all adults who may be experiencing a wide range of difficulties from Anxiety & Depression, Bereavement, Marital troubles, stress management, relationship issues to self harm and eating disorders. 

Life’s events can be so unpredictable, and coping with stressors of everyday life can be overwhelming which is why we work with our clients on self coping mechanisms and ways to manage emotions. 

Children and Young People

CYP counselling is a specific area of therapy that is offered to support teenagers and young people with anxiety, stress, depression, family bereavements or parental divorce.


Clinical Supervision

This is ideal support for companies and individuals, looking to adopt counselling services – whether beginners or want to add to existing counselling services, this is a great opportunity for third party practitioners to identify blind spots, explore dilemmas or adapt new techniques within your existing services. 


A non invasive and relaxing experience where I can tap into specific areas of your body to help identify the aspects that are out of balance.