1. Doing the jobs you hate

Think of an activity you typically don’t enjoy. Start with the task and let go of your ideas about it – that you hate it or it’s not worth doing – just experience doing it.

Give it your complete attention. Consciously avoid giving any attention to anything else other than the task itself.

2. Improving your relationships

Relationships are where habits, or patterns of thoughts, emotions and beahviours tend to show up most.  Mindfulness is a way to bring them into your awareness. Mindfully choose where you focus your attention – on dissatisfaction with your relationship to digest and understand by being present.

3. At mealtimes

Reserve a time for dinner and turn off all distractions. Sit with your meal infront of you and practice conscious breathing a few times to bring your body and mind together.

Looking deeply at the food, become aware of where it was sourced, local produce or further afield? In turn we become increasingly mindful of all the elements and effort needed to make the meal a reality. This in turn fosters our appreciation.

4. When you’re stressed

We often use avoidance as a coping strategy to move away from the stress – by watching TV, drinking alcohol or over working.

Tackling your fear head on, realising it’s not all it seems in your head and instead provides feeling of reassurance, support and calmness.