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How to use mindfulness to improve your life

1. Doing the jobs you hate Think of an activity you typically don’t enjoy. Start with the task and let go of your ideas about it – that you hate it or it’s not worth doing – just experience doing it. Give it your complete attention. Consciously avoid giving any...

Reiki For New Parents

Babies are extraordinarily perceptive of parental stress and respond positively when they see their parents relax. Being a new parent, or a first-time parent, can be stressful alone, without the unprecedented times we find ourselves in with the pandemic. To tackle...

Baby Reiki Classes

  We are are delighted to announce the launch of our Baby Reiki Antenatal & Post Natal virtual classes, allowing you to connect with your baby in a very special way! Planting Seeds Therapy Baby Reiki offers a variety of one-to-one sessions aimed at supporting...

Welcome to Planting Seeds Therapy!

It is an exciting time for us at Planting Seeds Therapy, we are delighted to be able to share our services and bespoke therapy packages with our customers, from our brand-new website! For those not familiar with our services, we provide client centred counselling...

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