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Founder, Emma Kennedy, MBACP



Emma Kennedy MBACP, Founder


  • BA

  • Counselling Studies (2017)

  • Foundation Degree Integrative Counselling (2012)

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

  • Somatic Trauma and the Body (2019)

  • Relational Trauma (2019)

  • Hope for Sexual Abuse Survivors – 2019

  • Dealing with Distress – 2020

  • Emotionally focussed Therapy Online course (EFT): 12 CPD hours- 2020

  • Dialectical Behavioural Online course (DBT): 12 CPD hours – 2020

  • Clinical Supervision Skills – SDS Seminars – 2018

  • Mental Health first Aid 2018

  • Mental Capacity Act 2018

  • Youth Mindfulness Practitioner Course 2018 – 5 Day Practical Course

  • Narcissism, Depression and Authenticity Certificate – Psychotherapy UK – June 2012

  • Introduction to counselling children 2 day course – Place 2 Be – September 2012 followed by 1 years supervised placement

  • Helping Children Tell Their Stories – Place 2 Be – Jan 2013

My Approach & Philosophy

Planting Seeds derived its name from the basis of Person Centred therapy – this is the therapy used with an integrative element to it. We focus on the relationship – offering the right environment for the client to grow and develop. Self actualisation is the key to healthy wellbeing and when clients realise their potential is within them, they are set to go about their life confident and happy.

When you come for counselling the change isn’t easy, it often means looking deeply at yourself however when this happens with guidance and support the results are often life changing and long lasting, side by side we help you to create the change that is needed.

We use the sunflower as a stamp to highlight the results that Planting Seeds help to create. Sunflowers stand for resilience, hope, growth and positivity, they can grow in the most harsh of conditions and are famous worldwide for this symbolism of positive new beginnings. The colour yellow represents the solar plexus in our chakra systems which is related to our confidence, when balanced this can help create less fear based defences which helps to create the ability to hope and plan for the future with less anxiety or personal barriers. No matter what service you choose you get 110% of what is listed above.

Deb Bibby
Deb Kershaw

Deb Bibby

 As an Integrative Counsellor, I use a range of approaches and models.  I will work with you to help you explore whatever life issues you may be struggling with.  Our sessions will give you the opportunity to discuss your thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences in a non-judgemental confidential space.  I will give you time to explore and work out how best to cope with whatever you are facing, coming to terms with the past as well as the future moving forward.  I will support you, but also challenge at times in order for you to honestly evaluate and clarify what matters to you.

 I work with diverse clients, bringing their own unique issues.  I am experienced working with loss, depression, anxiety, as well as other personal situations.

 Our sessions are a way for you to gain further insight into why you are experiencing issues and how you want to live your life.  I see my role as to support and help you work through your individual issues and concerns

Deb Kershaw

I am a qualified counsellor working with a person- centred approach including elements of CBT. My specialist areas are bereavement, anxiety, and depression.

I work creatively using warmth, compassion and understanding incorporating relaxation methods such as mindfulness and grounding where necessary. My role is to support you in a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental way.

Building a strong therapeutic relationship, we can work together to discover why you may be feeling stuck by unravelling the past. Through gentle exploration we can embark on a journey towards positive change.

I am also trained in holistic therapies including Indian head massage, facials, massage, and reflexology.

In addition, I run Vision board workshops promoting self-care by focusing on goals and dreams for the future.

I’m also currently studying for a BA (hons) degree at the moment


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