Planting Seeds Therapy 

Providing client centred holistic services for parents, in the form of 1:1 therapy, helping individuals discover their true potential by learning to manage emotions using a range of therapeutic techniques. 

Planting Seeds Therapy provide Counselling – channelling holistic techniques to provide the right environment for the client to grow and develop. We believe this is key to health and wellbeing, which subsequently allows clients to continue their journey to be confident and happy.


Good quality discount counselling for parents


Supervision for volunteers and teaching staff


Volunteer and gain valuable experience both in training and post training

About Our Service

Planting Seeds Therapy came about over the course of myself (Emma) working full time as a counsellor. My interest in our early attachments in life has grown and led me to aiming an affordable service to parents. As a single mum of three (now nearly all grown up) I understand the trials you can experience in all areas of your life, balancing work, social life and childcare, relationship difficulties, "Mum Guilt" and so much more. This is not to mention any emotional impacts of your own childhood too. Parenting is one of the hardest things in the world to embark on and yet we have very little emphasis on the trials of bringing up children and how important it is for us as parents to keep ourselves well, parents can feel overwhelmed, it is not a weakness it is normal and here at Planting Seeds Theray you can experience confidential and empathic support, free from judgement helping you to manage in a space that is safe for you.

Our Philosophy

I chose to use the sunflower as a stamp to highlight the results that I create for clients in their experience of therapy. Sunflowers stand for resilience, hope, growth and positivity, they can grow in the most harsh of conditions and are famous worldwide for this symbolism of positive new beginnings. The colour yellow represents the solar plexus in our chakra systems which is related to our confidence, when balanced this can help create less fear based defences which helps to create the ability to hope and plan for the future with less anxiety or personal barriers. 

Founder-Emma Kennedy (BA, FdA, MBACP) 

I have trained and worked in the counselling sector since 2012, allowing for extensive experience in this field.  Having worked in education and the care sector along with national charities running local projects in mental health. I supervise trainee counsellors and teachers and have a small private client base. I currently offer counselling services for the NHS in a perinatal charity where I am developing my skills and knowledge in this area, I have a keen interest for the impact of attachment between mother (or caregiver) and baby. 

  • BA Counselling Studies (2017)
  • Foundation Degree Integrative Counselling (2012)

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

  • Somatic Trauma and the Body (2019)
  • Relational Trauma (2019)
  • Hope for Sexual Abuse Survivors - (2019)
  • Dealing with Distress - (2020)
  • Emotionally focussed Therapy Online course (EFT): 12 CPD hours- (2020)
  • Dialectical Behavioural APT course (DBT): 20 CPD hours - 2020
  • Clinical Supervision Skills - SDS Seminars - 2018
  • Mental Health first Aid (2018)
  • Mental Capacity Act (2018)
  • Youth Mindfulness Practitioner Course (2018) - 5 Day Practical Course
  • Narcissism, Depression and Authenticity Certificate - Psychotherapy UK – June (2012)
  • Introduction to counselling children 2 day course - Place 2 Be – September (2012)
  • Helping Children Tell Their Stories – Place 2 Be - Jan (2013)

    Registered Member of The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists


    I hold a foundation degree in integretive counselling and I am currently working towards finishing a BA Honours In tegrative Counselling. I work within a client focused framework and offer a variety of other techniques. I have been volunteering as a counsellor for Ongo for 18 months which has given me a vast knowledge of complex issues such as trauma and attachment. I also work in the care sector where I support service users of various ages with complex and varied needs, with an interest in aquired brain injury and the impact it has on family members.

    Emma has supervised me throughout my training which has allowed me to acknowledge what she is planning in setting up this venture. I love to use creativity within my sessions with clients and have an outstanding level of empathy and drive for each and every client I have. The areas of skills and knowledge that I am focussing on at the moment are mindfulness, emotional regulation, schema therapy and science of the brain. I aim to provide a safe space within the counselling room for you to really explore what is going on for you and aim to help you to remove any barriers to your personal growth and resiliance

    • BA Honours Integrative Counselling (completing in May 2022)
    • Foundation degree in Integrative Counselling Skills
    • Safeguarding Adults and Children Certificate
    • Dementia Awareness
    • Mental Capcity Act
    • Mental Health Awareness
    • Learning difficulty awareness
    • Ongo Mindworks Course



    Thank you so much for my session, I slept so well last night. It helped me more than I could ever imagine


    Emma is an amazing supervisor, she is warm, approacable and calm with a wealth of knowledge combined with great ideas. I highly recommend her.


    I cannot thank you enough, after all of our sessions I am now on a completely different path, my whole mindset has changed for the better. I would wholeheartedly recommend counselling with Planting Seeds Therapy


    Just talking to Emma helped my teenager to feel much more able to manage their emotions, their self harming stopped and I now have a teenager who feels good about themselves after just a few sessions